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Years of Experience and Passion for Music

The goal is to be able to offer dynamic study programs, short or long and with flexible hours, so that every interested guitarist can acquire all the resources that the modern musical reality in Greece and internationally requires.

The trust and professional success of previous students confirm your own musical choice.

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What People are Saying

"Journey of Music"

The love for the "journey of music" as well as the great enthusiasm for every innovative approach to guitar playing are the elements that distinguish Pantelis as a guitarist and teacher.

Vaggelis Simintzis

"It will help you see the guitar from every possible different angle and encourage you to discover your own personal voice."

Pantelis Gertsos is one of the most experienced and passionate guitar teachers I have met in my career so far.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have met him at such a young age. For me (as for many others) he was not just an educator but a mentor whose advice is still invaluable.

Makis Mitrousis

"It will make you appreciate the music itself more"

For me, Pantelis is not the usual simple guitar teacher, as everyone imagines him to be. He teaches you how to assimilate the music, and together you discover methods and ways of improvising with which your playing can reach levels beyond your expectations. At the same time, his own playing is very difficult to decipher, so he can inspire you every time you see him play.

Nasos Polyzoidis

"Guitar lessons with Pantelis have not only changed my playing and the way I think about the instrument, but also my teaching and even radically!"

Giorgos Kalodoukas

"It has a unique way of transmitting information and integrating it into the individual guitarist"

I have known Pantelis Gertsos for 15 years already.
When we met I was a self-taught guitarist and now I'm a professional musician. From my constant "friction" with the teacher, with whom we now maintain friendly relations, in combination with the various seminars he organized with important foreign and domestic musicians and in which I participated, I greatly improved my aesthetics in terms of guitar.

Sakis Staikos

"Pantelis is a man with a huge love and passion for what he does and it's something that comes across immediately"

The class with Pantelis is a special experience and differs from any other class I have attended. Pantelis is a man with enormous love and passion for what he does and it's something that comes across to you immediately, as a result of which you want to bring out your best self. His knowledge and ideas musically and technically, seem truly endless... Every time you leave the class full and happy for all the new ideas you have to study! And of course his influence has largely defined my playing style and aesthetics, without limiting them. The opposite. After all, for Pantelis, the knowledge of music, especially the guitar, is a train on rails with many different destinations...

Nikos Georgousakis

"Always inexhaustible in ideas and new approaches to teaching the electric guitar"

I am fortunate to call Pantelis a teacher and friend from a young age. His knowledge, experience and methodical, inspired me and helped me to develop as a musician and to follow professionally the field of music education. A true professional, with morals, love and contagiousness, who is deeply happy with the development of his students. Always inexhaustible in ideas and new approaches to teaching the electric guitar.

Alkis Mploukidis

“What I really gained was more love for music”

When I entered the room for the first lesson with Pantelis, my musical journey already counted degrees - diplomas in guitar and advanced theory, several years of discography and many hours on stage.
In my quest to always find material to study and people to inspire me, I was sure that the choice I had made would fill my quiver with new evidence. So when after the first lessons I came home with a bag full of difficult arpeggios and new chords, I thought that what I had to gain from this lesson was the new musical information, its stitching and also its use on musical forms.
Today, after a long course which of course continues, I understood well within myself that what I really gained was more love for music, more appetite for experimentation and a new for me expanded perception of art.
Music is interaction, it is communication, it is magic. It is therefore certain that musical groups like Pantelis can make you fly.

Alexandros Pantelias

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