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Gifts and Offers

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1 Month, 4 Lessons with a 38% discount!

Free Trial Lesson!

10 Months, 40 Lessons plus Theory lessons at a 78% discount!

1 Month, 8 Intensive Lessons plus Theory lessons at a 78% discount!

Gifts and Offers

Gift voucher

Being able to give the gift of music to a guitar lover is important!

 The Guitar Lessons Gift Voucher is both for beginners and more experienced amateur guitarists looking for ways to improve their playing and musical understanding.

The courses are held in specially designed classrooms equipped with the best logistical infrastructure, but can also be held online if the holder lives in another city or part of the world.

Here's what the process is:

You buy a gift voucher for the person of your choice, without the need to pre-book a specific time in the weekly schedule at the same time. It is then up to the owner to contact me to schedule the class at a time that is convenient for everyone.

 This is an opportunity for a different gift as it can offer its owner new motivation to take up music or help him quickly overcome any obstacles he encounters in his guitar journey.


Offer a 4-lesson program (4 x 60 minutes)


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