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One to One Lesson

The guitar lessons are open to everyone, beginners without any previous musical knowledge, skilled amateurs and professional musicians looking for an organized way of approaching musical information. Thanks to my passion and extensive experience in the field of music education, I can provide you with the most suitable training program tailored to your goals and current abilities.

Lessons cover all musical styles and include the use of electric, acoustic, jazz or even classical guitar. So whatever your musical preferences, you can be sure that you will benefit from attending one of the most modern music education programs and make significant progress in a short period of time.

Book the theory lessons or to join a music ensemble at the same time and come and see together all the advantages of a comprehensive training program.

As all guitar lessons are highly personalized and tailored to each individual's needs and wishes, you are welcome to decide whether you would like to participate in the exams organized in Greece by the University of West London (Grade and Diploma Exams) by certifying in this way your music studies.

Musical journeys are never the same...
I am waiting for you, to discover together all these new routes, new destinations!

Enjoy the journey

The duration of individual lessons is 60' and they take place in specially designed classrooms, equipped with the best material and technical infrastructure so that the student can create the most complete impression of his sound and enjoy a pleasant and perfect lesson. Also, a fully equipped and functional studio with 2 separate playrooms/recording rooms and one control room, is accessible to all students who want to create, record their own music, play with others and experience the joy of jamming.

As all courses are highly personalized and tailored to each individual's needs and desires, you are welcome to decide whether you would like to participate in the graded exams of University of West London(Grade and Diploma Exams).



Intensive Guitar Lessons

Intensive guitar lessons are ideal for those who wish to make great progress in a short period of time. It is also a frequent choice for those who have scheduled music exams / auditions and need a constant monitoring, but also musicians who want to get to know a new methodology and an organized way of approaching musical information in a short period of time.

By following an intensive course we can together focus on solving more specific issues in your playing and create a personalized study plan. The intensive courses take place 2 to 3 times a week, for as many weeks as you wish.


Book a Free Trial Course

We love "journeys" and this is a good opportunity for a teacher and student to start another one! No route is ever the same and the role of the driver is going to belong to both. In this first meeting we will try to create a basic channel of communication, to understand your needs and wishes but also to present you with all the options of courses offered.

So, not just another trial lesson!


More specifically, this is NOT an examination of your playing abilities but more of an assessment of your level. Together we will then choose the appropriate study program that will suit your goals and interests.

Within these small musical groups you will have the opportunity to communicate with other musicians, to observe and draw useful conclusions from the performance of the others, but also to directly handle all your knowledge and musical tools.


Group Lessons

Group classes are more motivating and interactive and therefore more effective and more fun, while requiring students to have a greater level of independence, initiative and responsibility to function in a classroom.

In this course you will have a lot to learn both from the teacher and from your fellow students.

The group lessons can be attended live or On Line.

They have a monthly cost of 50, operate on a weekly basis and have a duration of 90΄.

Group Lessons

We learn to play together for each other and share initiatives in an environment where recognition and criticism are welcome.

Specific classes are created by students who set similar goals and have the same skills.

Music Theory

Deep knowledge of theory, certainly increases our musical understanding. In addition to understanding the vast musical heritage, it is also an important tool for searching for the identity of each musician.

Musical Ensembles

Search for your own personal voice in a musical group! Regardless of level and musical style, our modern facilities become the starting point of your musical journey, always under the guidance of our experienced teachers.

Theory in Practice

A theory lesson where your instrument takes the place of the stave! Through this specific course, the practical application of theoretical knowledge is encouraged, especially in relation to composition and improvisation.

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