Pantelis Gertsos

Electric Guitar

My Vision

The goal is to be able to offer dynamic study programs, short or long and with flexible hours, so that every interested guitarist can acquire all the resources that the modern musical reality in Greece and internationally requires.

Pantelis Gertsos is representative of University of West London / Registry of Guitar Tutors in GREECE. An active musician and teacher with appearances in various musical ensembles, while participating as a session musician in various recordings of well-known Greek singers.

Work and Experience

He has worked as a scientific advisor and examiner for postgraduate student scholarships of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and as the Director of Contemporary Music Studies – Professor of Music in various Conservatories throughout Greece (National Conservatory, Sympelius Conservatory, Central Conservatory, Music Studies Conservatory, Music Conservatory Praxis, Contemporary Conservatory, Alkyonian Conservatory, Olympic Conservatory, Corinth Contemporary Conservatory, Chaidari & Kiatos Municipality, Nea Techni Conservatory and others).

Some Additional Information

He is in charge of MusicFor, a rapidly growing educational program and Network of Music Schools which renowned artists support by participating in educational seminars and concerts:

Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, John Scofield, Larry Carlton,Mike Moreno, Doug Aldrich, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan και άλλοι.


"...And even this first step is far from the common world. In order to step on this step, you must by your right be a citizen of the city of musicians . And it's difficult in that city and it's rare to get naturalized..."

– K. Kavafis



I've never played the guitar before and I also don't know how to read music. Can I attend the specific courses?

The answer is of course YES!
A beginner student with no previous musical experience and training will be properly prepared and get the right foundation for their own unique musical journey.
In addition, learning musical notation and music theory are an integral part of our courses.

Are music theory courses necessary?

Theory lessons will help you analyze and understand your musical listening.
That way, you'll benefit as performers as well as creators yourself!
The language of communication between musicians is common and also knowing musical notation will help you communicate more easily in a musical environment.

What is the content of the guitar lessons?

The content of the lessons depends on the current abilities of each student, the wishes and the style that one wants to approach as well as the limitations that exist in each case. We therefore refer to flexible, personalized educational programs whose initial goal is to understand the operation of the instrument so that each one can individually evaluate his musical progress.

How many hours a day do I need to dedicate to my personal practice?

It depends on your personal goals.
But we could ask the specific question differently... How long would you like to play your favorite game?

What ages can attend the specific courses?

Lessons are for all ages and are tailored to each student's experiences and goals. Our musical journeys do not have a common starting point but neither do they have common destinations!

Upon completion of each training cycle, what are the certification possibilities?

Those interested in studying at the UK's largest Universities can prepare here properly, simultaneously taking the major Grades (6-8) exams and collecting the necessary UCAS points. Accordingly, those who wish to continue their studies at a higher level can, after obtaining the Grades, continue with the Professional Diplomas offered by the University of West London, obtaining an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED title.
Professional Diplomas:
♦ Diploma of the London College of Music (DipLCM)
♦ Associate of the London College of Music (ALCM)
♦ Licentiate of the London College of Music (LLCM)
♦ Fellow of the London College of Music (FLCM)

I am a classical guitarist who would like to get into jazz. Could you help me;

Absolutely. For a classically trained guitarist it is often difficult to approach Jazz guitar and improvisation, so I will be happy to support you in this endeavour.

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